Oral Cancer Screening in Manteca, CA

Early detection is key. A quick five-minute oral cancer screening can make all the difference.

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Why Are Oral Cancer Screenings Important?

Oral screening is a vital component of preventative dental care. In just five minutes, our skilled dental team conducts a thorough examination of your mouth, teeth, gums, and oral tissues to spot any abnormalities or potential issues.


These screenings are designed to catch early signs of oral cancer, increasing your chances of successful treatment and minimizing the risk of serious complications. The best part? It’s a quick and painless process that can make a difference for both your oral and overall health.

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Oral Cancer Screening in Five Minutes



Visual Examination

The dentist begins by visually inspecting your mouth, throat, neck and other oral tissues for any signs of abnormalities, such as discoloration, swelling, or lesions.


Physical Examination

Using gloved hands and specialized dental instruments, the dentist will palpate the tissues in your mouth and neck to detect any irregularities.


X-Ray and Imaging

In some cases, X-rays or other imaging techniques may be used to get a closer look at areas that are not visible during the visual examination.


Discuss Next Steps

Based on the findings, the dentist will discuss any concerns and offer guidance on maintaining good oral health.

Over 75% of patients survive cancer for at least one year post-diagnosis.

Who is at Risk of Oral Cancer


Risk factors for oral cancer include tobacco and alcohol use, exposure to carcinogens, a weakened immune system, poor diet, lack of physical activity, excessive sun exposure, and age. Regular screenings and healthy lifestyle habits are crucial for individuals with these risk factors to reduce their oral cancer risk.

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Why Choose Stadium Dental Group and Orthodontics for Oral Screenings in Manteca?

Choosing us for oral screenings ensures you receive exceptional care from highly skilled professionals. Our experienced team utilizes advanced, proven technologies and techniques to deliver thorough and effective exams, promoting a healthier, happier smile. With a focus on personalized care, we tailor our approach to meet your specific needs and concerns. Trust us for oral cancer screenings that detect irregularities early on.

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Oral Cancer Screening FAQs


If you have any questions about oral cancer screening, we’ve got answers.


Anyone can develop oral cancer, regardless of their age or lifestyle. However, certain factors such as smoking or using tobacco products, heavy alcohol consumption, a history of oral cancer in your family, and excessive sun exposure can increase your risk. If you have any of these risk factors or are experiencing any unusual symptoms in your mouth, such as sores, lumps, or patches, it's important to schedule an oral cancer screening with Stadium Dental Group and Orthodontics.

During an oral cancer screening with Stadium Dental Group and Orthodontics, our dental professionals will examine your mouth, throat, and neck for any abnormalities or signs of cancer. This may include a visual inspection as well as the use of special tools to examine your mouth more closely. The exam is painless and usually only takes a few minutes.

Many dental insurance plans cover oral cancer screening as a preventative measure. The team at Stadium Dental Group and Orthodontics can help you understand your coverage and answer any questions you may have about the cost of the exam.

There is no special preparation required for an oral cancer screening with Stadium Dental Group and Orthodontics. However, we recommend that you avoid smoking or using tobacco products, drinking alcohol, or using mouthwash for at least 24 hours prior to your screening.

An oral cancer screening with Stadium Dental Group and Orthodontics usually only takes a few minutes to complete. Our dental professionals will work quickly and efficiently to ensure you are comfortable and informed throughout the process.


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